Total Dissolved Solids

Your water contains certain minerals and elements naturally. Total dissolved solids, or TDS, are the total amount of minerals, salts, or metals that have dissolved in your water. Our experienced team, at American Water, understands the effects that hard water can have on your pipes, appliances, and fixtures. Our water treatment systems provide you with total dissolved solids solutions that remove or reduce the amount of minerals, salts, and metals found in your water.

To best determine the amount of total dissolved solids in your water, we recommend having a water test completed. By knowing the concentration and the type of minerals in your water, we can recommend you the best total dissolved solids solutions for your home or office.

Total Dissolved Solids Solutions

  • Reverse osmosis systems: To virtually remove all minerals and dissolved substances from your water we recommend a reverse osmosis system, which removes 95% of minerals, salt, and metals in your water.

Having high amounts of TDS in your water can mean unwanted minerals, salts, and metals in your water. By investing in the right total dissolved solids solutions from American Water, we can filter out the unwanted minerals and provide you with clean, refreshing water.

Recurring testing can help determine how well your filtration and treatment systems are removing the total dissolved solids from your water. Call or contact us today for your TDS solutions.