Iron in your water could be causing your water to taste metallic and to leave reddish, orange stains on your clothes, dishes, appliances, and more. Iron is common in homes with well water or that may have a build up of iron in their water supply. Here at American Water, we provide our customers struggling with these damaging effects with effective iron solutions.

Each of our iron solution systems are made to remove the iron from your water; however, determining your water quality and ph level allows us to determine the right iron solution for your home or office. At American Water, we have the knowledge and the expertise to make sure you have the right system to eliminate the iron content in your drinking water.

Iron Solutions

  • Iron filters: Utilized to effectively remove the iron from your drinking water, iron filters also clean up the metallic taste and odor found in high iron contents. Iron filters provide a dependable iron solution while also protecting your appliances and equipment from further iron damage.
  • Backwashing systems: To effectively remove the iron from you water, we can install a backwashing system in your home. The water is filtered by passing through the resin that is stored in the mineral tank. After the impurities have been removed, they remain in the tank allowing you to have clean, iron free water. Once the mineral tank has been saturated with contaminants, it backwashes itself to regenerate the resin and prepare for the next cycle of water.
  • Iron Reduction filters: Installed in the housing for your whole house filter, an iron reduction filter removes the iron from your water, reducing the amount of staining, build up, and collection of iron on your appliances, toilets, faucets, and clothes. Iron reduction filters provide you with refreshing drinking water without the smell and taste of iron.

At American Water, our iron solutions reduce the time and money spent on cleaning and stain removal that is necessary when your water is saturated with iron particles. Only .5 ppm (particles per million) of iron in your water can show significant staining. Our iron solutions safely and effectively remove the iron particles leaving you with clean, clear water.

The amount of iron present in your water will determine the appropriate iron solution for your home or office, call or contact us today for your installation.