Bacteria is found naturally in water. The majority is considered harmless and safe for consumption; however, some bacteria can cause illness and disease if consumed. Having your water purified can reduce or eliminate the amount of bacteria present in your drinking water. At American Water, we can provide you with effective bacteria solutions to provide you with delicious, clean water straight from your tap.

Types of Bacteria

To best determine the solution for your bacteria, we, at American Water, will first determine the type and quantity present in your drinking water. Through a water test, we can determine the severity of your bacteria issue based on the type of bacteria present, including:

  • Pathogenic bacteria: infection causing bacteria, pathogenic bacteria in your water could result in harmful diseases and illness infecting your drinking water. Pathogenic bacteria could lead to E. coli, dysentery, typhoid fever, and more. This type of bacteria is difficult to identify due to the varying types of symptoms; people present with symptoms ranging from gastrointestinal issues to fever. The best way to determine the severity within your water is to have your water tested. If your water has pathogenic bacteria, American Water can work with you to determine the appropriate solution to provide your home or office with clean, safe drinking water.
  • Non-pathogenic: most bacteria is considered non-harmful to your health or physical well being. Non-pathogenic bacteria is harmless and poses no threat of sickness or disease. The most common bacteria found in most water supplies is iron bacteria which feeds off of iron and is considered harmless to human health. Our experienced team, at American Water, tests your water to determine the quantity and type of non-pathogenic bacteria in your water to determine the best bacteria solution for your application.

Bacteria Solutions

We believe it is important to determine the source and type of bacteria to determine if your water is harmful to your health. At American Water, we work with our customers to recommend that best bacteria solution for your needs.

  • Microfiltration: using a membrane to separate out the clean, safe drinking water from the bacteria, microfiltration provides your home or office with delicious, filtered water in your home. American water can recommend the right microfiltration system to provide you with the best bacteria solutions.
  • Reverse osmosis: installing a reverse osmosis system in your home or office will remove 99+% of bacteria from your water. At American Water, we can recommend the best reverse osmosis system for you needs.
  • Chemical oxidation & disinfection: through this process, chemicals are used to oxidize the water to remove any harmful bacteria or contaminants that may be present. Our experienced team can utilize our chemical oxidation and disinfection solutions to rid your drinking water of impurities and provide you with safe, clean water.
  • Chlorine injection: to disinfect and remove the pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria from your water source, our experienced team can chlorine feed your water to clarify any bacteria, leaving your water safe and bacteria free. To insure disinfection, we will inject 3 - 5 ppm (parts per million) of chlorine into your water, leaving a residual of .4 ppm of free chlorine in your water supply for up to 30 minutes to completely purify your drinking water, removing any bacteria that may be present.
  • Sterilization: this process utilizes chemicals or UV light to kill and eliminate all microorganisms and bacteria from your water supply.
  • Ultraviolet systems: utilizes a UV light to disrupt the DNA and kill bacteria in your water. Depending on the turbidity of your water, you may need additional components to your ultraviolet system to remove the unwanted contaminants and leave your water pure and delicious.

At American Water, we are committed to providing our customer with clean, delicious drinking water. Both pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria can be found naturally in water. Our filtration and purification systems remove or reduce the quantity of bacteria that is present in your water supply.

For reliable, dependable bacteria solutions for water, call or contact us, at American Water, today.