Ultraviolet Treatment

Creating clean, purified water without the addition of chemicals is a safe way for your home or office to have delicious, pure water straight from the tap. Ultraviolet treatment solutions provide an environmentally friendly and chemical free way to destroy any bacteria and microorganisms that are present in your drinking water.

Our Ultraviolet treatment purifies your drinking water by emitting an ultraviolet light through your water source. Based on the wavelength of this light, the UV destroys the DNA of the microorganisms present in your water. At American Water, our experienced and knowledgeable team works with you to determine the best ultraviolet treatment for your home or office.

Benefits of UV Treatment

  • No chemicals
  • Destroys 99% of microorganisms
  • No holding tank, water is cleansed straight from the source
  • No waste water
  • Does not hinder or change the taste of your drinking water

By using ultraviolet treatment to purify your water you are providing drinking water that is safe and free of any harmful bacteria. Your system is effective and low maintenance; no filters, holding tanks, or chemicals required to supply you with bottled water quality at home.

At American Water, we can recommend and install the right ultraviolet treatment solution for you, call or contact us today.