Having lead in your water can be harmful and dangerous to your health. We have the expertise to be able to test your water and determine the best lead solution for your home or office. To avoid serious health risks and provide safe, clean drinking water, American Water provides you with effective and dependable lead solutions.

Lead Solutions

  • Whole House Filters: filtering your water from the source, can eliminate the lead from your water providing you with safe, clean water for cooking, drinking, and cleaning.
  • Water Softeners: installing a water softener to your water source allows you to reduce the amount of lead entering your drinking water.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: by incorporating a reverse osmosis system, you can virtually remove all minerals, elements, and metals from your water; providing you with water that is lead free.
  • Drinking Water Systems: a similar process to reverse osmosis, drinking water systems can remove the lead from your water without the waste water. Giving you cleaner, safer water for your home or office.

Lead in your water is often caused by older pipes which are commonly found in many older homes. Throughout time, these pipes have begun to age and the lead seeps into your home's water lines. By ingesting lead you could have serious health risks and become sick. The best way to determine if lead has contaminated your drinking water is to have your water tested.

Your health is a top priority, if you believe you have lead in your water the best solution is to invest in a water filtration system that can provide you with drinking water that is clean and healthy. Call or contact us today to have your water tested for free.