Arsenic is considerably dangerous to anyone who is exposed and it needs to be removed before you can safely drink or consume your water. When you have arsenic, you need a water treatment solution that will eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of harmful elements in your drinking water. At American Water, we provide our customers with arsenic solutions that will supply you with safe, reliable drinking water that you can trust.

We provide our customers with a variety of arsenic solutions based on the severity and type of arsenic in your water supply. Our experienced team members can test your water on site or in store to determine the quantity and quality of arsenic in your water to recommend the appropriate solution for your home or office.

Arsenic Solutions

  • Whole house filtration systems: installed where the incoming water supply enters your home, water is pushed through an arsenic backwashing filter. The media inside the filter is good for 5 - 7 years before it needs to be replaced, providing you with clean water to cook, clean, drink and bathe in that’s safe from the harmful effects of arsenic.
  • Reverse Osmosis systems: point of use systems that are installed at individual faucets, these systems provide you with quality, clean drinking water that removes the arsenic, making it safe to drink and cook with. Our reverse osmosis arsenic solution can also be run to the refrigerator allowing for clean water and ice.
  • Arsenic removal drinking water system: similar to reverse osmosis systems, arsenic removal drinking water systems are installed as point of use systems. With the ability to connect to your refrigerator, they remove the arsenic from your specific faucet providing you with safe and clean drinking water.
  • Inline Filters: installed on your refrigerator water supply line, inline filters remove the arsenic and allow you to utilize your refrigerator’s water and ice making capabilities, arsenic free.

For your home or business, you rely on your drinking water to be clean and safe. If you have arsenic tainting your water, it can cause devastating effects on your health. Installing the right water filtration system will eliminate the harmful chemicals in your water, making it safe to consume.

At American Water, we provide our customers with safe, reliable drinking water through our arsenic solutions. Call or contact us today for your free water testing.