Softener Media Replacement

For your water treatment system, your media provides the backbone to the softening process: collecting and storing the contaminants, leaving you with clean, filtered water. At American Water, we understand the importance of properly maintaining your media to keep your water treatment systems fully operational. This applies to water softener media replacement, as well as maintaining the filtration systems on your home or business's water treatment systems.

Softener Media Replacement Timelines

The media in your water treatment equipment has a shelf life. In order to keep your water clean, filtered, and free of impurities it needs to be replaced and maintained.

  • Water softener resin: the resin in your water softener is typically good for 10-12 years depending on whether chlorine is present and the condition of your raw water. At American Water, we stock a wide variety of water softener resin to keep your media maintained and system running smoothly
  • Carbon media: carbon media is typically good for up to 2-4 years; however, depending on your raw water's characteristics and the elements being removed, you may only be able to depend on your carbon media for up to 1 year. At American Water, we work with you to determine if your media is ready for replacement and provide you with the appropriate resin and media to keep your water systems in working order.
  • Greensand media: for our customers utilizing an iron filter or greensand media, the resin is typically dependable for 5-8 years depending on the water source being filtered. Our experienced team can help you determine when your media needs to be replaced and provide you with the right products for your water treatment system.
  • Arsenic filter media: we recommend that your arsenic filter media be replaced approximately every 7 years depending on the water being filtered. When it is time to update your media, we, at American Water, have all the media replacement solutions you need for your arsenic filter.

Your media may need to be replaced sooner than the estimated time frame, depending on the environmental factors of your water supply, preventative filters installed, and more. At American Water, our full service technicians can help you determine the appropriate time to exchange out your media in your water treatment system. Whether you need your media replaced by our team or would like to purchase the media to exchange out yourself, we have all the tools and products you need to keep your water treatment system fully functioning.

At American Water, we provide you with the softener media replacement and system media updates you need for your water treatment systems and water softeners. Call or contact us today.