Water Testing

We believe that the only way to truly improve the quality of your drinking water is by performing water quality testing to determine the materials, elements, and impurities that are corrupting your water supply. At American Water, our experienced team can complete your water testing at our store or right from your home to provide knowledgeable recommendations for the right water treatment solutions for your drinking water.

Water Quality Testing

    water testing
  • In Store: Your water samples can be tested right in our store. Our qualified professionals can do most tests immediately. With 12 ounces of fresh, clean water we can determine the quality of your water. Before bringing in your sample, we recommend you run your tap water for at least five minutes and flush out your container at least two or three times to have the best, quality sample. For best results, we encourage you to to utilize a container that has not held anything with staining liquid (i.e cranberry juice, root beer, chicken stock, etc.) We can also provide our customers with an appropriate storage container to provide your sample. By testing your water in our store, we can provide you with the right solutions for your issues, on the spot.
  • On Site: Our experienced technicians can test for your water quality right at your home or office. We can guarantee that the water sample will be taken from an accurate source to give your dependable, reliable results. From our results, we can determine the right recommendation for your water to provide you with the best tasting, safest drinking water.

Benefits of Water Quality Testing

Our thorough testing can determine the type, quantity, and severity of contaminants in your drinking water. Most of the testing can be completed with immediate results, allowing us to provide you with the right products and supply recommendations on the spot. Our comprehensive water quality testing can determine the following impurities in water supply:

  • Iron
  • Total Dissolved Solids
  • Hardness
  • Ph
  • Chlorine
  • Arsenic
  • Tannins

For clean, delicious water directly from your tap, let us, at American Water, complete our water quality testing. The only way to provide accurate and reliable recommendations of water treatment solutions is to know which type of minerals, elements, and contaminants are found in your water supply. Our extensive testing can dictate which water softener, filter, or water treatment system would work best for your home or office.

We believe you can have bottled water quality straight from your tap. Call or contact us today for your water quality testing.