Water Treatment Products

clean waterWe use our water all day, everyday: hydration, food preparation, cleaning, and more. It is important to make sure your water is purified, filtered, and great tasting. At American Water, we have all the water treatment products you need to rid your water of bacteria, contaminants, unwanted minerals, and more, delivering you bottled water quality straight from your tap.

Our Water Treatment Products

At American Water, we have water softeners and products to reduce or eliminate the water quality issues for all our customers, including, residential, commercial, hospitals, and more. Tackling issues ranging from:

  • Hard water
  • Heavy iron content
  • Rotten egg taste and smell
  • Arsenic
  • Sediments

We strive to provide all our customers with the most effective and cost efficient water treatment products. At American Water, we understand that in order to create the safest, cleanest drinking water you need to start at the root of the problem. We take the time to diagnose each individual water issue. By knowing the contaminants in your water, we can provide you with the right water treatment products for your application.

Commercial Water Treatment

With help from American Water, our diligent team will ensure your facility is equipped with the commercial water treatment products needed to reduce or eliminate your water quality issues. From water softeners to water filters, our professionals will provide you with our expert guidance and services to ensure your facility maintains the highest standards for safety and water quality. By providing customers with the most effective water treatment products, we will establish safe, clean water at a price you can trust.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Our commercial reverse osmosis systems strategically remove unwanted bacteria, minerals, and impurities from your water, resulting in water that is clear, clean, and refreshing for your employees and your customers. These systems are efficient, removing an assortment of contaminants by forcing them through a semipermeable membrane and up to six filter stages, leaving your commercial property with safe and delicious drinking water. From restaurants and schools to dentist and doctors offices, we work with a variety of commercial customers to ensure the ideal reverse osmosis system is installed in their facility.

When your water is properly filtered and purified you can taste the difference. Call or contact us, at American Water, today and we can help your find the right Oakland County water treatment products for your home or office.