If you are experiencing a brown appearance to your water that leaves stains on your sinks, showers, and appliances, you could have a build up of tannins in your water supply. At American Water, we can provide you with a water quality test to determine the quantity of tannins in your water to recommend that best water treatment solution for your home or office.

Tannins Solution

  • Tannin Media Filter: to remove the decomposed vegetation in your water supply, a tannin media filter oxidizes the tannins using an ion exchange. Similar to a water softener, a tannin media filter utilizes salt to regenerate the media and replaces the tannins with sodium to provide you with a variety of benefits, including:
    • Reduced tannins in your water
    • Clear, clean water
    • Whole house filtration
    • Prevents brownish colored stains on appliances, sinks, showers, and bathtubs

Tannins are the decomposed vegetation that has seeped into your water source. This vegetation is a product of the ponds, lakes, and swamps that connect to your water supply and includes soil, leaves, grass, and more. Though not harmful to your health, they do cause your water to become discolored and can leave unsightly stains. We understand the importance of water quality and provide you with reliable tannin solutions to reduce or remove the vegetation from your water supply.

You want your water to be clean, clear, and free of decomposed vegetation. At American Water, we provide you with tannins solutions that deliver exceptional results. By investing in a tannin media filter for your home or office, you can remove the soil, leaves, and grass from your water source leaving you with drinking water that is clean and fresh.

For reliable tannin solutions for your home or office, call or contact us today.