Water Softener Salt

water softener saltHaving hard water can be difficult on your pipes and appliances, as well as cause unsightly staining on clothes, dishes, and sinks. Hard water is caused by an abundance of minerals in your water supply, particularly calcium, magnesium, and iron. In order to soften your water and reduce the damaging effects on your home or office, at American Water, we recommend utilizing salt in your water softener system to remove the unwanted minerals and provide you with soft drinking water. With our delivery options, you will rest at ease knowing you're getting the clean water you need for living.

Through the use of water softener salt or potassium chloride, we are able to remove your hard water molecules through the ion exchange process. We provide our customers with a variety of salt solutions to meet the needs of your hard water.

Our Salt Solutions

  • Sodium Chloride: For our customers with excessive minerals, iron, or tannins in the drinking water, we recommend adding sodium chloride to your water softener to regenerate the media in your water treatment system. Salt is an integral part of the ion exchange process. During the softening process, the hardness minerals are passed through your media and replaced by sodium minerals to provide your home or office with soft, clear drinking water. At American Water, our salt solutions are available in two products:
  • Dura Cube: We provide our customers with salt solutions that are dependable. Dura Cube sodium chloride is 99.8% pure salt that is virtually 100% water soluble. This gives your water softener a salt solution that is manufactured for hardness, removes minerals, and prevents build up on your faucets, appliances, and pipes. Dura Cube is designed to keep your water softener clean and running at optimal performance by preventing mushing and bridging in your brine tank.
  • Dura Cube Red Out: Built to remove more than hardness minerals, Dura Cube Red Out is designed for hard water that has a high iron content. A 99.8% pure salt formula, our Dura Cube Red Out sodium chloride is manufactured with an effective additive that prevents the reddish and orange stains that accompany rust buildup. Because it is 100% water soluble, our salt solution minimizes buildup in your brine tank to keep your water softener running smoothly.
  • Potassium Chloride: At American Water, we provide our customers with a salt solution alternative. Our potassium chloride, also known as K-Life, provides a low-sodium alternative for your water softener. Recommended for all water softeners, potassium chloride takes the place of traditional softener salts during the ion exchange. Made with up to 99.1% pure potassium chloride, it exchanges the hardness minerals with potassium providing you with softened, delicious drinking water without the additional salt content. K-life has a low insoluble content to help your water softener to continue to run at peak performance.

Get Your Water Softener Salt Delivered

Having a hard time keeping your softener stocked with salt? Tired of lugging heavy bags home from the store? Our convenient delivery service brings your water softener salt right to your doorstep, with easy, recurring delivery so you never run out at an inopportune moment.

Your hard water relies on water softener salt to clean and charge the resin, allowing the resin to remove the hard water minerals and keep your appliances running smoothly and at peak performance. At American Water, we work with our customers to determine the best salt solution for your water quality. Our dedicated team also provides our customers with salt delivery and installation services to make sure your water softener continually provides your home or office with soft, water.

For dependable salt solutions to remove the hard water minerals from your water, call or contact us today.