Your water should be crisp and clear. If your water is cloudy or hazy it could be the result of turbidity in your water supply. Having murky water can be unsightly and unappetizing. We, at American Water, are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality, most refreshing water straight from home.

Turbidity Solutions

The cloudiness in your water is caused by a large amount of individual particles that are unable to dissolve completely. These particles result in the scattering and adsorption of light rays which can protect bacteria from sterilization from a UV light. At American Water, we provide our customers with a variety of filtration systems to supply your home or office with effective turbidity solutions.

  • Whole House Sediment Filter: Installed at the source of your water, a whole house sediment filter is able to remove and filter out any unwanted minerals from your drinking water, including those causing the turbidity.
  • Backwashing Sediment Filter: Manufactured to efficiently filter out small, fine particles of dirt and residue, backwashing sediment filters are self cleaning without restricting the water flow to your tap.

Our full service team, at American Water, works with our customers to quality test your water to determine the most beneficial turbidity solution for your home or office. By removing the small particles, we remove the cloudiness and provide you with clear, refreshing drinking water straight from your tap.

For dependable turbidity solutions for your home or office, call or contact us today.