Hard Water

Hard water is defined as having an abundance of additional minerals and is usually comprised of calcium, magnesium, and iron. Though hard water is not harmful to consume, it can be difficult on your pipes, appliances, and faucets. It can be expensive and overwhelming to deal with the effects of hardness in your water but at American Water, we provide you with effective hard water solutions.

Hard Water Solutions

We believe that the most effective way to remove hardness from your water is to test your water to determine the quantity and type of minerals that are contaminating your water supply. Through the test results, we can determine the appropriate water softener to best reduce or eliminate the calcium, magnesium, and iron in your drinking water.

  • Water softeners: Installed just after the incoming water enters the house, water softeners remove hardness, calcium, and iron from your water supply by utilizing a process called the ion exchange. Through the ion exchange, the resin in your softener attaches onto hard water particles and exchanges them for sodium or potassium depending on your media. The salt that you choose to fill your water softener cleans and recharges the resin for water that is continuously softened and refreshing. Having the hardness in your water removed provides you with additional benefits, including:
    • Less wear on appliances: With softened water, the hard water minerals will not build up or clog your washing machine, dishwasher, and other common household appliances, reducing the wear and tear that your hard water causes
    • Eliminate staining on appliances, showers, & sinks: The high iron levels in your hard water can leave unsightly reddish or orangish stains, by softening the hardness in your water supply you can reduce the iron content and eliminate staining.
    • Utilize less soaps, shampoos, & detergents: Hardness in your water causes soap scum, making it difficult to remove soap from your skin, clothes, and surfaces. With softened water, you can benefit from using less products to successfully clean.

Having hard water in your home or office creates mineral buildup and unsightly staining on your appliances, faucets, and sinks. At American Water, we are proud to provide our customers with effective hard water solutions to remove or reduce the unwanted minerals in your water, leaving you with soft, clean water to cook, clean, and enjoy. Our dedicated team provides you with home delivery of your softener salts to guarantee you have the products to help your water treatment equipment.

At American Water, we deliver the best hard water solutions for your needs. Each water softener installation can be modified to meet your demands, call or contact us today.