Clarkston, MI Water Treatment

At American Water, we are proud to provide our customers in Clarkston, MI with solutions for your water quality issues. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy delicious, clean drinking water from home. Water is imperative to everyday life and should be free of bacteria, contaminants, and impurities. Our water treatment systems purify and filter your water, creating great tasting, clear water straight from your tap.

Clarkston, MI System Installation & Service

We work hard to help our customers develop the right solutions for your water quality issues. Having high quality, great tasting water starts with the right water treatment system. Our experienced installation and service team can repair, design, and maintain your water treatment systems, softeners, and filters with services including:

Clarkston, MI Treatment Products

At American Water, our experienced team can utilize the results of your water quality testing to determine the right solutions for your home. When your water is affected by contaminants and bacteria it can often become discolored or have rotten eggs taste and odor. To create clear, delicious water for your home or office you need the right water treatment products, including:

Clarkston, MI Water Softeners

At American Water, we understand the frustration of experiencing the effects of hard water: staining on appliances, clogged pipes, residue on dishes, and more. Having the right water softener system can remove the excessive iron, calcium, and magnesium in your water supply, leaving you with clean, delicious water.

Clarkston, MI Quality Testing

The best way to identify the right solution for your home or office is by performing water quality testing. Our comprehensive water quality testing can be completed in store, with a sample, or directly on site from your water source to determine the bacteria, contaminants, and impurities that are affecting your water source.

Clarkston, MI Home Delivery

Many of our products, at American Water, are oversized and overweight making it difficult to transport from our office to your home. We provide our customers with bottled water, water coolers, softener soft, water treatment systems, and more. We offer our customers dependable home delivery services, to make sure you have the water quality solutions you need, when you need them, including:

We believe all our customers deserve clean, delicious drinking water from home and our wide variety of systems will rid your water of any unwanted minerals, bacteria, or impurities. We are dedicated to our customers and strive to provide you with dependable water treatment systems, solutions, repair, and delivery services.

We are proud to provide our customers in Clarkston, MI with purified, cleaned drinking water. For more information on our water treatment solutions, call or contact us today.

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