Iron Removal

Unsightly reddish, orange stains on your sinks, fixtures, clothing, and appliances is a sign of an abundance of iron or rust in your water supply. Installing the right iron removal system, from American Water, in your home or office can remove the iron from you water, eliminating additional staining and providing you with clean, refreshing water.

To determine the right iron removal solution for your home or office, it is important to determine the type and the quantity of iron in your water supply. Our experienced team can analyze the results of your water test to help determine your iron content and provide you with the right iron removal system for your needs.

Iron Types:

  • Oxidized Iron: appears as red particles in your water. Because of oxidized iron’s ability to clog, instead of a cartridge filter, we recommend removing the iron in your water by using an iron removal medium.
  • Soluble Iron: commonly referred to as clear water. Soluble iron comes out of the tap as clear water and oxidizes once exposed to air. This creates rust particles in your drinking water. At American Water, we can provide you with the right iron removal products for your soluble iron problem, including a water softener with an iron removal filter to remove any iron and leave your water clean.
  • Colloidal Iron: classified as water containing iron that is combined with other organic materials. This appears as small particles and produces a yellow or brownish color to your water. To remove the colloidal iron from your water, we provide our customers with a chlorine feeder that will oxidize the organic material away from the iron.
  • Bacterial Iron: when bacteria feasts on the iron found in water and pipes, it creates bacterial iron in your drinking water. Appearing as a reddish or greenish slime, bacterial iron follows the water’s path and is often found in toilet tanks. At American Water, we aggressively combat bacterial iron through a continuous feed of high doses of chlorine into your water to disinfect the bacteria and leave your water clean and clear.

Each iron removal system we offer is designed to oxidize the iron and rust to remove it through resin; however, the PH of you water, along with any additional water issues, determines which system will work best for you. We can provide you with free water testing to ensure that the system that is installed will provide you with the best iron removal results.

At American Water, we have the expertise and the tools to accurately recommend the best iron removal application for your water system, call or contact us today.