At American Water, we provide our customers with a variety of specials and discounts on their water treatment systems and solutions.

Special Offers

  • Subdivision Specials: We offer a group rate on water softener salt deliveries to our customers. To qualify, the discount is applied to neighbors of three or more who receive their deliveries on the same day. The discounted rate on your salt is increased as the number of involved neighbors increases, providing you with the same dependable delivery service with a discounted rate.
  • Free Water Quality Testing: The most dependable way to determine the contaminants in your water is through our water quality testing. For our customers who bring their water sample to our store location, we provide our valuable service free of charge. Through the results of your test, we determine the best recommendation of water treatment solutions to meet your needs.

For more details on our specials or for dependable water treatment solutions for your home or office, call or contact us today.